sabato 3 novembre 2012

Things that make me happy yesterday - Colors Inspiration

I didn't work yesterday due the to the 1st of November holidays. I don't know why but colors really inspired me.

Non  ho lavorato ieri per via delle festività legate al 1° di Novembre. Non so perchè ma sono stato realmente ispirato dai colori.

I was inspired by blue; blue as the "sky - father"

Mi ha ispirato il blu; blu come il cielo - padre
I was inspired by colors of shops, cakes, people ......
Sono stato ispirato dai colori delle vetrine, dei dolci, della gente 

But who inspired me more than all the other things, colors, people was Leo as always ....
Ma chi più di tutti mi ha ispirato è stato come sempre Leo ....

Have a Sunday full of colors, full of life!
xo Daddy Lele

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  1. I love these sungalsses and nespresso mekae me happy too!

  2. Great photos. And the navy blue inspirations.

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  3. wow! what a lovely LOVELY post!!! :)))

  4. Nice blog!
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    Thank you

  5. Sempre un amore le vostre foto!

  6. so cute!
    I like your blog!
    Check out mine sometime if you want <3

  7. Hi!!

    What a cute blog!!! Love it! Would you like to follow each other? I would love to follow you and your family!

    Love, Farah

  8. Hi!! Lovely blog!! Congrats!! I've just followed you!! Would you like to follow me back?? Kisses!!

  9. I followed this lovely fashion family!!!
    Really a nice concept!!

    Love, Farah

  10. great post!!! i follow you now ;)
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