domenica 14 ottobre 2012

Andrea Time - Things that make me happy this Saturday

Today me and Cesy shared our time wih Leo. Cesy get out in the morning. I get out in the afternoon. I get out with Andrea, dear friend of mine. As Chicca he is my classmate and I met him more than twenty years ago.
We spent some time in his flat ..... trendy time!!!
We had tea at Pandemus .... relaxing time!!!!

Thereafter I get Cesy's bike again ...... funny time!!!
and casually, after long time, I met Laura (on your left) a friend of mine and Cesy .... nostalgic time!! 
A brief message for two other friends of mine. B. B. B. I phoned you but you were not available ..... as usual ..... Max Max Max you get back to the office and you disapeared again .... compliments!!! 
Nevertheless ... as I already said ... friendship never end ....

I love my friends
I love my family

Have a super Sunday

xo Daddy Lele

11 commenti:

  1. Sì vabbè Mr. Nostalgic Time, ti ho richiamato!!!!!!!!!

  2. Alright MR Nostalgic Time, i called you back!!!

  3. Thank you for your sweet comment~ Love your photos as well :)


  4. wow daddy Lele I'm so enthusiastic when you wrote this type of post!


  5. I get back to work but didn't disappeared (you have a couple of messagge).
    BTW, am I wrong or Andrea' pillows are camouflage?

    1. Yes, they are ...... Did you note follower? Max and B. left two comments ..... o god thanks they are alive....


    2. my dad is diabetic, and i have a good chance i'll get sick one day so... I went to the doctor and guess what he told me, guess what he told me? he said, boy u better stop to have all that sugar a read lello blog, but he's a fool 'cause nothing compares, nothing compares 2 u...

      B. dibodibù

    3. I love you 'cause nothing compares 2utoo

      Have a great week
      Have a great dreams

      xo Lele

  6. I really love this post, I love your family, I love your friends!

    xoxo Alex

    1. Thank you a lot Alex also for the other comments that you left.Are you sure to love also Max and B ....... ?

      xoxo Lelli


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