sabato 13 ottobre 2012

Brown for the Autumn, Brown for the shopping of this w.e.

Dear Friends, Leo is still sick. We do not know how will manage for this week end. We'll take care of him and in the meanwhile we want to take care of you and your shopping during the w.e. 
It's Autumn we wanted something warm, cheerful and ..... based on the shades of BROWN.

For women we are sure that this spotted coat of Zara will make you happy. It's not cheap (€ 129,00). But it's cool. It's chic.

For men give a look to this bowtie of H&M. It's cheap (€ 9,995) and charmant. I kept it. The gloves are part of Giorgio Fornasiero collection, stylist and friend of mine.
A lot of interesting proposal from H&M collection for kids this year. We choose this pair of boots, similar to Blundstone but less expensive (€ 17,99). Leo who does not renounce to his sneaker loves them.
What do you think friends? How you'll manage your w.e. ? We hope to give you some exciting ideas.
Have a great w.e.
Have a great shopping
xoxo Lelli, italian fashion family  

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  1. great post!

  2. Jack Sparrow13 ottobre, 2012

    Oh yes, this is great look! I like your blog.
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  3. Great, I like it


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